PROSTHODONTICS: General Considerations

This first introductory video takes a look at the various treatment options of Prosthodontics and introduces some central concepts like crown-root ratio and Ante's Law.

• Abutment= tooth to which the bridge attaches, all abutment teeth must align to a common path of insertion (draw)
• Retainer= crown that attaches to abutment
• Pontic= fake tooth
• Connector= connects retainer to pontic
• Certain situations carry a poor prognosis:
1. Half or less bone support
2. Single retainer cantilever
3. Multiple-splinted abutment teeth
4. Nonrigid connectors
5. Intermediate abutments
• Compromised endodontically treated teeth should NOT be used as abutments because the removed dentin makes them weaker
• Compromised periodontal teeth should NOT be used as abutments

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