IPS Empress® VENEERS: Pre Preparation Contouring To Achieve Ideal Archform

An over-the-shoulder video clinical presentation of a 10-unit IPS Empress® veneer case provides an in-depth look at a solution involving pre-preparation planning and contouring to achieve esthetic results. 

A practical demonstration of understanding the patient's objectives, a candid evaluation of the treatment possibilities, and achieving a desired clinical result—including the creation of a more ideal archform without orthodontics—is presented. 

The pre-preparation considerations and the techniques presented will help practitioners more confidently meet patients' expectations. A straightforward execution of the necessary steps—based on some basic placement and bonding principals that are presented—provides a useful approach to successfully placing and bonding porcelain veneers.

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Recent Advances in ProsthodonticsDr. Debarchita SarangiDr. Sitansu Sekhar Das and Dr. Abhilash Mohapatra - 2019