DENTAL TRAINING: Over 40 OPERATIVE DENTISTRY videos including FREE Webinars, Conferences and Clinical Cases to share

Operative Dentistry is the area of dental practice concerned with the prevention and treatment of defects in tooth enamel and dentin.

Since many patients need treatment that is provided in operative dentistry, this is where most of the dental assistants are assigned. Operative dentistry includes the treatment and restoration of carious teeth with metallic and nonmetallic dental materials. These materials are usually amalgam, composite resins, and glass ionomer restorations.

We share with the dental community more than 40 OPERATIVE DENTISTRY videos that we have classified and that are part of a set of Webinars, Video Conferences and Clinical Cases that are offered totally FREE on the internet, favoring the continuous training of the oral health professional.

► 7 OPERATIVE DENTISTRY BOOKS that every specialist must read

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Anterior Composite Layering of a Peg Lateral Incisor - Dr. Anthony Tay

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Direct restoration of frontal teeth - Finishing & Polishing - Aleksandr Kozhemyak

► PULP CAPPING: TheraCal LC - Resin-Modified Calcium Silicate Pulp Protectant/Liner

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Class IV Step by Step - Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Class I step by step - Dr. Jason Smithson

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Direct restoration of frontal teeth - Finishing & Polishing

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Restoring the difficult class II cavity with composite


► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Class II - Clinical Case of Dr. Dennis Hartlieb

► INCISAL EDGE REINFORCEMENT: Technique step by step - Dr. Buddy Mopper

► POSTERIOR RESTORATIVE: Simplified posterior direct resin composites

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Posterior Direct Composite - Class 1 - Technique

► WEBINAR: Class II Restoration - Nick Conte, DDS

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Class V restoration technique - Dr. Engin Taviloglu

► CLASS IV RESTORATION: Stratification STEP BY STEP - Dr David Gerdolle

► ONLAY PREPARATION: On tooth 36 with distal margin coronal relocation - Step by Step

► FIBRE REINFORCED COMPOSITES: A real break-through - Videoconferencing of Stephane Browet

► DIASTEMA CLOSURE: Resin Veneering - Dr Dennis Hartlieb

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Indirect/Direct Composite Inlays

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Bonding Worn Anterior Teeth - Dr Steven T. Cutbirth, DDS

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: How to restore the difficult Class II with Composite - CLINICAL CASE

► COMPOSITE VENEERS: Layer that counts - Clinical Case

► Class III anterior direct composite restoration performed with Unica anterior matrix - Dr. Manauta


► Diastema Closure Perfection - Using a modified matrix approach

► Direct Composite Veneer Made Simple step by step - Dr. Newton Fahl

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Class V restoration using flowable materials - John W. Jessen

► POSTERIOR RESTORATIVE: How to simplify Class II restorations with Class II Total Solutions

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: How to Enhance Incisal Translucency

► CERAMIC ONLAY: MOD on a Maxillary First Molar.  - Dr. Richard G. Stevenson

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Class II with Renamel De-Mark

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: How to Cut Procedure Time in Half with Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill

► Indirect Composite Restoration - Clinical Case

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: The Most Challenging Class II - Richard G. Stevenson

► Indirect Posterior Resin Composite Restorations - Clinical Case

► COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Creating natural enamel surfaces with composite resin - Clinical Case

► Direct composite restoration of frontal teeth

► Anatomical restoration of class I - step by step

► Anterior Composite - Dr. Michael Morgan

► Composite Overmolding for Aesthetics and Strength (Video 1) - CLINICAL CASE

► Restoring that broken molar and the difficult class II cavity

CAST GOLD Restorations - PART 6: PINLAY #11 PREP -  Dr. Richard Stevenson

► CAST GOLD Restorations - PART 5: MOD HOLLOW-GRIND INLAY #12 -  Dr. Richard Stevenson

► POSTERIOR COMPOSITE RESTORATION: Efficiently place posterior direct composites - Dr. Ross Nash

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