ORAL SURGERY: Bone Dynamics after extraction

What happens after an extraction? Find in this animation what happens after a tooth extraction based on the article published in 2003 by Cardaropoli.

The first present element is a blood clot, which is replaced by granulation tissue during the first week. The granulation tissue is present mainly in the most coronal portion of the socket, while in the other two-thirds, the blood clot is replaced by a provisional matrix. This granulation tissue is filled with inflammatory cells, in response to the presence of infectious material in the oral cavity.

After 30 days, the socket is sealed with a keratinized mucosa. Hard-tissue formation begins after two weeks of healing, during which half of that provisional matrix area—the most apical part of the socket—will be filled by woven bone. After two months of healing, a hard tissue bridge covers the marginal portion of the socket, and a periosteum is now attached to the lining mucosa. The woven bone is gradually replaced by lamellar bone.

Jeffrey Elo (Autor), Alan Herford
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