DENTAL MATERIALS: Application in Periodontics using F-Splint-Aid Slim - Dr. Hagner

F-Splint-Aid & Slim are refills for the Polydentia Splinting Set. RATED 4-STARS FOR 2015 BY REALITY.

F-Splint-Aid & Slim are fiberglass ribbons, pre-impregnated with Fiber-Bond (a special bonding agent with adapted viscosity). Both are particularly suitable for the stabilization of teeth - for all cases, where dental splints are requested. The practical F-Splint-Aid & Slim bottles allow a material saving dispensing (long expiry date, bottles can be closed after use).

F-Splint-Aid & Slim are part of a scientifically and clinically tested system (Polydentia Splinting Set), which also recommends the application of Fiber-Etch, Bond & Flow.

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