ENDODONTICS: Root Canal Through a New Porcelain Crown (Wave One Gold)

He unfortunately wiped out on his bike a few months previously and fractured his front teeth. The referring dentist waited until his teeth settled down after the trauma of the accident. It was confirmed that he did not suffer a fractured root.

He elected to have 2 e.max crowns placed to restore his function and esthetics. Unfortunatley, 2 weeks later, he started experiencing unbearable sensitivity to cold and hot liquids.

Cutting through and restoring porcelain has its challenges. Here, we cut a conservative endodontic access into tooth #11 (#8), complete the root canal, and restore the tooth back to function with a small composite restoration.

He had lingering pain to hot/cold and waking pain. We diagnosed this tooth with #11 Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis w/ Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis. After a gentle infiltration and palatal injection, we got started.

After we completed the Root Canal, we restored the tooth - etching and silanating the porcelain, followed by bonding a composite restoration.