ENDODONTICS: Dental Filling Cavity and Root Canal Procedure Completed Same Appointment

Predictable endodontics and a great restoration is critical to building your confidence and your patient's confidence. There is nothing worse than starting an endo and not being able to complete it. Been there. Trust me. I know that feeling and it's not cool.

Single and double canals can be the most profitable in general practice - and - if you complete the restoration at the same appointment, you and patient are happy!

A fast, simple, predictable technique that focuses on clinical excellence as well as patient safety, comfort will make you so much more confident.

This video will show you how to take a mandibular incisor with a large carious lesion (Diagnosed with #41 Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis with Normal Apical tissues) and symptoms, to a fully restored, pain free tooth.