Ridge Expansion Osteotomy and Immediate Implant Placement (Video 1)

The placement of implants in edentulous areas is often compromised by a thin alveolar crest. This reduction in the width of the edentulous ridge may make the final prosthetic results less than ideal. To correct this, various techniques have been described for widening, including revascularised block bone grafts, alveolar distraction osteogenesis, guided bone regeneration, and splitting to expand the ridge. However, these methods have limitations, including the need to harvest bone from intraoral or extr-oral sites along with increasing the time frame for the entire treatment during which the bone conditioning takes place which can be many months in a lot of cases before the implants can be placed. With the Osteotome Technique displayed in this video the implant osteotomy can be prepared without any ostectomy / bone removal and the implants can be inserted in the prepared sites . However to use this technique there needs to be a minimum 3mm of pre-existing bone width at the desired implant placement site.

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