Invisible Orthodontic Retainer to Move Teeth

This video shows the steps involved in making an invisible orthodontic retainer(Essix type) designed to move teeth using a series of 2 trays (invisible retainers)
The steps involved include:
Designing case to see how many trays are needed
Making the Matrix
Removing the teeth off the model
Setting the teeth in wax using the matrix
Setting the teeth to ideal in stages
Duplicating the model
Showing alternative method of reversing the stages of setting the teeth to ideal
Prepping model for Thermoforming
Showing the use of the invisible retainer material, Track A, by Foresadent
Thermoforming using the Biostar IV by Great Lakes Ortho
Finishing the Thermoformed trays

This video was edited from much longer video footage. I have posted the raw, unedited footage at:

Tráfico Semanal


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