Lava™ Plus Zirconia Crown step by step | 3M ESPE

A vivid and coherent step-by-step demonstration of the clinical working procedure with a Lava™ Plus Highly Translucent monolithic All-Zirconia crown in the dental practice.

The video shows and describes all the required working steps - from removing the provisional crown to try-in, adjustment of the Lava™ Plus Monolithic Zirconia crown, to polish and finish. The final cementation with RelyX™ Unicem 2 Automix self-adhesive resin cement is also demonstrated in detail. The result is a fixed restoration with excellent fit and aesthetics. If you are looking for comprehensive information, you will find a pointer to the free brochure: "Clinically Successful with Lava™ Zirconia Restorations from 3M ESPE".

Source: 3M ESPE internal data. Data available on request at Please choose your local country website.

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