Empresas: BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ CBCT System

Because we know that the health and safety of your patients is always your primary concern, the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging D3D™ uses the lowest radiation for a multiple field of view CBCT -- as little radiation as two panoramic images.

To further reduce patient exposure, the D3D™ reclines the patient, reducing image-blurring movement by 50 percent compared to systems that use seated or standing positions, to eliminate re-takes.

With the patient lying down, no restraints are needed, and the patient is never placed in a claustrophobic enclosed space.

The D3D™ gives you the field of view (FOV) and high definition images you need, while minimizing radiation with variable FOV, high-speed scanning, and pulsed x-ray.

No other CBCT lets you provide as high a level of patient safety and
comfort while obtaining the images you need for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning as the BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging D3D™.

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